Иностранный язык.Билеты МЭБИК (билет 3)  

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Билет 3.

  1. Прочитайте, переведите письменно текст. Разбейте текст на части и поставьте вопрос на английском языке к каждой из них:


Antarctica is the bottom of the world, where wind scan reach 320 k p hand temperature scan plunge below 85°C. It seems lifeless but a closer look reveals an amazing abundance of life. The coastal waters are filled with plankton and fish, and its thick ice is perforated by the breathing holes of seals. Antarctica is home to thousands of penguins and seagull-like birds. The ice itself is permeated with algae and bacteria.

There is another sort of life as well. All around Antarctica the coast is dotted with corrugated-metal buildings, oil-storage tanks and garbage dumps — unmistakable signs of man. Not fewer than 16 nations have established permanent bases on the only continent that belongs to the whole world. They were set up mainly to conduct scientific research but they have become magnets for boatloads of tourists who come to look at the peaks and the penguins. Environmentalists fear that miners and oil drillers may not be far behind. Already the human invaders of Antarctica have created an awful mess in what was recently the world’s cleanest spot. Over the years they spilled oil into the seas, dumped untreated sewage off the coasts, burned garbage in open pits, and let huge piles of discarded machinery slowly rust on the frozen ground.

News of the environmental pollution has unleashed a global wave of concern about Antarctica’s future. How best to protect Antarctica has been a topic of fierce debate all over the world.

Despite the damage done, so far Antarctica is still largely pristine, the only wild continent left on earth. There scientists can study unique ecosystems and climatic disturbances that influence the weather patterns of the entire globe. The research being done on the frozen continent cannot be carried out anywhere else. Therefore, many people argue that the continent should be turned into a “world park” in which only scientific research and limited tourism would be permitted.

  1. I Раскройте скобки, употребляя глагол в нужном времени и переведите предложения на русский язык:
  2. I am writing in connection with the advertisement which (appear) on 12 April.

I now (complete) a postgraduate degree in administration.

  1. Where are my keys? This is the third time I (lose) them today. And what you (do) now? I (look for) the keys again.
  2. Ann never (go) camping. She (not sleep) in a tent. She (make up her mind) to go on her first trip.
  3. Nina (to celebrate) her birthday yesterday. Her room looked beautiful, there (to be) many flowers in it. When I (to come) in, somebody (to play) the piano, two or three pairs (to dance).
  4. I (to be) sorry (to miss) the match yesterday. But I (to know) the score. It (to be) 4 to 2 in favour of the NTP team.