Иностранный язык.Билеты МЭБИК (билет 2)  

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Билет 2.

  1. Прочитайте, переведите письменно текст. Разбейте текст на части и поставьте вопрос на английском языке к каждой из них:


In the room where you live there are hundreds of strange, invisible complicated magic waves, all different from one another1.

They come into your house through the walls, ceilings and floors and they are there now. Some of these magic waves are striking this book, passing through it, and through you, and through everything else in the room. They are upstairs and downstairs2. They travel along with3 passengers in buses and trains, in ships and airplanes. They are all over the world, surrounding everything and everyone.

Yet no one can ever see or hear them or feel them. But we know they are present. All we have to do to prove it4 is to turn on our radio and television sets. Then we pick them right out of the air5 and transform them into music and voices that we can hear, and moving pictures that we can see. These magic waves come from everywhere. Turn the knob of your radio just a little, and you may hear children singing in Moscow. Turn a little more and you may hear news from Alma-Ata, or a concert from Kemerovo. Turn the knob of your television set and with the help of these same waves you will see a film or a play from many different towns and cities.

All you need to do is to take the set into your room and to turn some little knobs! When you turn the knob of your radio, you release sound waves and you hear a programme. When you turn the knobs of your television set, you release sound and light waves and you can both see and hear programmes. How are these waves brought to your radio or television? There is energy working around us all the time. This energy is in light, heat and sound and it travels in wave. Wave is a single vibration of energy in motion.

Light and heat and radio waves are different from sound waves because they do not need anything that we can see or feel through which to travel. Light and heat and radio waves are called electromagnetic waves. And because they are electric they are surrounded by the magnetic fields that electricity always makes around itself.

All electric current creates a magnetic force, an area around, that has the same kind of power that a real magnet has. This magnetic area around an electric current is called a magnetic field used to generate more electricity.

П. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужное время и переведите предложения на русский язык:

  1. I regularly (see) him here at the tram stop, but I (not see) him these two or three days.
  2. A: What is that sound? B: A car alarm (ring) somewhere down the street. It (drive) me crazy I wish it would stop! It (ring) for more than twenty minutes.
  3. The coffee shop (open) at seven o’clock tomorrow morning. I’ll meet you there at 7:15. Ok. I (be) there.
  4. He (feel) extremely ill when he went to hospital, but he (feel) much better since he came out of hospital a month ago.
  5. I hope that you (consider) my application favorably. When you (do) it, let me know.