Английский язык для МЭБИК: задания для промежуточной аттестации в 4 семестре  

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Задание для промежуточной аттестации обучающихся для Курского института менеджмента, экономики и бизнеса (МЭБИК)

Промежуточная аттестация (экзамен в 4-м семестре) проводится  как выполнение контрольных заданий в письменной форме.

Задание 1. Прочитайте и переведите письмо, ответьте на вопросы:


A letter of application

The purpose of a letter of application is to attract positive attention so that the employer will call you to set up an interview.

Southern Leisure Hotels

Group Manager

Write with full CV to Mr. George Davies. Director,

Southern Leisure Hotels Ltd, 24 Lakeland Road,

Bedhampton, Mendleshire KR5 9 UJ


46 Chorleywood Road


Herts WD3 4 ES

25th April 2000

Mr. George Davies. Director,

Southern Leisure Hotels Ltd,

24 Lakeland Road,

Bedhampton, Mendleshire KR4 9 UJ


Dear Mr. Davies,

I saw your advertisement for a Group Manager in this week’s issue of The Caterer and Hotelkeeper and should like to apply for the position.

As requested, I enclose my CV. I served a six-year apprenticeship at 1’hotel Geneve, spending time in all departments of this 5-star hotel.

German is my mother tongue but as I worked at a French-owned hotel I became almost bilingual. 1 have always studied English, and with many Eng­lish visitors, and occasionally some English train­ees, I was able to practice my spoken English.

My three years at Bailey’s Hotels also gave me experience in English hotels and an opportunity to use my English when I worked at hotels in Brigh­ton, Eastbound and Torquay. Since leaving Bai­ley’s I have been manager at the Bellean Hotel, Swaby. I now feel I should like the greater chal­lenge of managing a group of prestigious hotels.

If I am given two or three days’ notice I could attend an interview at any time.

Yours sincerely,

Hans Gunter


  1. What do you write in the top right-hand corner?
  2. What do you write below it?
  3. Where do you write the name and address of the person or company you are writing to?
  4. When do you use the following salutations?

Dear Mr Brown / Ms Smith

Dear Sir

Dear Madam

Dear Sir or Madam

  1. When do you use these endings?

Yours faithfully

Yours sincerely

  1. How should you sign your letter?
  2. What information do you give in separate paragraphs?


Задание 2. Расположите части письма в правильном порядке:


12 RueChantily

Paris de France

15th August 2000                         MrJ.K.Green

Personnel Manager

Thrush Books Ltd

15 Rowans Road


Wessex UV20 8DT

Dear Mr. Green,

  1. I am 20 years old, and have just completed a year’s intensive study of English at the Language Academy at Rouen. My father is French and my mother is Austrian, so I am bilingual in French and German.
  2. I hope this is the information you need and I am the kind of person you are looking for. If so I would be grateful for more details about the job and an application form. I look forward to hearing from you.
  3. I am writing in reply to your advertisement in the Daily News for a secretary in the Foreign Department.
  4. I havealso completed a course for English secretaries at the Mountain Secretarial College; my typing speed in English is 50 wpm, I am used to audio typing in English and I can use a word processor.






Задание 3. Прочитайте письмо задания 2 еще раз и ответьте на вопросы, исходя из того, что это вы собираетесь получить эту работу:


What position are you applying for?

How did you find out about the opening?

Why are you interested in this position with this company?

What makes you specially qualified for the position? (skills, special abilities, background, education, experience, motivation, etc.)

What can you contribute to the company?

When can you start work?

When and how can the employer reach you to set up an interview?


Задание 4. Прочитайте объявления и переведите, по одному из них напишите резюме – письмо.


Job Advertisements


Print Production Manager Wanted

A well-known print company, now well established in the UK and in the Far East, wishes to set up a manufacturing base in Europe. An experienced manager, responsible to the Production Director, is required to assist in setting up the department and will then take charge of the day-to-day work.

The successful applicant will have had experience of modern methods and machines especially in the printing, multicolour work and finishing processes. He / she will have had at least three years’ experience in cost-effective management. A good working knowledge of English is essential.

We offer excellent pay and prospects, with 4 weeks’ holiday a year plus public holidays and a company pension scheme.

Interviews will be arranged in the nearest large town to the applicant’s home. Write, with CV, to The Personnel Manager, Box 32509, Daily News, Kemsworth Street Comston, United Kingdom SGI53 22AH.




Accountant requires assistant, preferably with previous experience. He / she must have an aptitude for figures. As the firm has many clients with businesses in Europe, fluency in English, French and German is essential.

Generous salary and benefits are offered-

Write enclosing a CV to:

Mr. John Anderson, Milner, Nation and Partners, Lynn House,  King’s Road, Poynton  V6 8MN.




Assistant Manager


A privately owned group of hotels with extensive leisure fa­cilities catering for overseas visitors is looking for an enthusiastic person to assist in the expansion of the hotel.

The successful applicant will have experience of all aspects of hotel work and at least one year’s experience as an Assistant Manager.

Applicants need a good knowledge of English and possibly two other languages.

Generous salary, bonus, good holidays and excellent prospects for promotion within the group.

Apply in confidence with full curriculum vitae and a recent photograph to:

Mr. G. Bateman, Castle Hotel, Green Strelt; Barton BR7 8QT


Executive Personal Assistants


We have three high-profile opportunities for efficient Secre­taries to join us in providing administrative support for Executive Trust Directors.

Your responsibilities will include arranging and servicing meetings, coordinating papers, collating agendas and taking min­utes. You will brief directors prior to appointments, deal with all incoming correspondence and generally prioritise their workload. Working as part of a team, you will also be expected to cover during the absence of your fellow executive PAs.

Your audio and WP skills should include a working knowl­edge of MS Office and Word for Windows. We’ll also expect you to have well-developed organisational and planning skills to­gether with a genuine ability to communicate with people at all levels. We would like one post-holder to commence at the end of February and the other two towards the end of March. All as­signments are for an initial period of six months, with the possi­bility of extension thereafter.

For an application pack please telephone 0171-463 2520/2582 quoting Ref PA. The closing date for receipt of completed applica­tion is Monday 19 January 1998. Interviews are scheduled for Monday 26 January 1998.

The London Ambulance Service NHS Trust is committed to equal opportunities. We also operate a smoke-free workplace.



Задание 5. Раскройтескобки, употребляя гла­голы в требующейся форме:

  1. What are you (to talk) about? 2. We have just (to talk) about it. 3. He has just (to say) some­thing about it. 4. She is (to tell) them some inter­esting story. 5. He has (to tell) us nothing about it. 6. She has (to tell) them some stories about dogs. 7. We have (to have) two lessons today. 8. They are (to have) a meeting. 9. She has not (to speak) yet. 10. They have (to ask) me several ques­tions. 11. He has already (to learn) the rule. 12. I am (to write) an exercise. 13. What is he (to do)? , — He is (to read) a newspaper. 14. Have you (to | read) any stories by Jack London? 15. What are you (to do) here? — I am (to write) a letter to my friends. 16. Who has (to write) this article? 17. What language are you (to study)? 18 We have already (to learn) a lot of English words. 19. What is she (to teach) them? 20. Who has (to teach) you to do it? 21. He has just (to do) something for us. 22. Have you (to find) the book? 23. Whatareyou (tolook) for?