Иностранный язык.Обязательные задания МЭБИК (тест 28 вопросов)  

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1. He …. in Hungary last August.
a) is       b) are      c) was
2. Both sisters …. always ready for the lesson.
a) is        b) are      c) were
3. The weather … very warm next week.
a) is        b) are     c) will be
4. Jane …. very tired because she worked very hard.
a) were   b) will be c) is
5. The children …. sleepy as it is rather late.
a) were    b) will be     c) are
6. The boys …. good friends very soon.  
a) were    b) are    c) will be
7. English …. difficult to study.
a) wasn’t    b) isn’t    c) aren’t
8. Ann … at home because she didn’t have lessons that day.
a) is       b) was      c) will be
9. The days …. usually short in winter.
a) will be    b) are    c) were
10. Our students …. always polite.
a) is     b) will be    c) are
11. We …. English as a foreign language.
a) uses     b) used     c) will use
12. The first settlers in North America …. English.
a) speak     b) spoke     c) will speak
13. When I entered the room she …. to her mother.
a) spoke    b) was speaking    c) speaks
14. I know that nobody …. Japanese outside Japan.
a) is speaking    b) speak     c) speaks

15. He never …. such information in his head.
a) keep    b) keeps    c) is keeping
16. They …. this opportunity but didn’t use it properly.
a) has    b) had     c) will have
17. A very good idea …. into my mind five minutes ago.
a) come    b) will come    c) came
18. The secretary …. to her boss now.
a) spoke     b) speaks    c) is speaking
19. When I came up to her she …. to correct her paper.
a) tries    b) tried    c) was trying
20. My friend …. at this time next week.
a) will travel    b) travel    c) will be traveling
21. I hope he …. my invitation.
a) accepts    b) will be accepting    c) will accept
22. The children …. the new English words at the moment.
a) were learning    b) are learning    c) will learn
23. They …. the engineers when the General Director came.
a) met     b) are meeting    c) were meeting
24. I …. this language in a year.
a) will be learning    b) will learn    c) learn
25. We …. this science in future.
a) will study    b) will be studying    c) studied
26. I …. on Hungarian at this moment the next day.
a) am concerning     b) was concerning    c) will be concerning
27. The researcher …. this complex problem very soon.
a) will study    b) will be studying    c) studies
28. Don’t call on me at four. I …. an English lesson from three to five.
a) will have    b) am having    c) will be having