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Paul Miller is a journalist, so you would think that he would find it pretty difficult to give up using the internet for a year. (1) …..... , that’s exactly what he decided to do.

1. Although

2. However

3. Instead

4. Despite

It’s not that Paul didn’t (2) …..... going online. In fact, he found he was spending a large part of his day glued to the screen.

1. want

2. satisfy

3. like

4. wish

He felt that he had become too (3) …..... on it for everything.

1. reliable

2. self-confident

3. influenced

4. dependent

Like many of us, Paul couldn’t imagine (4) …..... the internet for a full day, not checking his emails and his Twitter account.

1. giving up

2. trying out

3. going ahead

4. getting on

How on earth would he cope (5) ...….. being offline for a whole year?

1. for

2. along

3. with

4. over

Paul has just (6) ...….. the halfway point of his challenge – six months with no internet have passed. And so what has it been like for him?

1. got

2. reached

3. arrived

4. come

Well, Paul admits that, at first, he did find it very (7) …..... not being able to contact people online.

1. strict

2. rigorous

3. strong

4. tough

As you'd (8) ...….. , it was the social networking sites that he missed most of all.

1. believe

2. expect

3. consider

4. experience

Interestingly, Paul is now finding it easier (9) …........ than harder as the weeks without the internet go by.

1. except

2. unless

3. rather

4. otherwise

He finds that he has much more time to read books and meet friends face to face these days. He advises other people to (10) …..... a go at living without the internet, even if they can’t manage it for a whole year!

1. give

2. have

3. get

4. take