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Прочитайте, переведите и ответьте на вопросы:
Kursk is one of the oldest cities of European Russia. There are special symbols of the region which mark it out from others. Have you ever heard of Kursk nightingales? Their singing includes pure sounds of flute, jugging, whistling and a lot of other variants. Russians even had experts of nightingale singing who could not only differentiate certain parts of the songs but also make out different nightingales’ “schools”. You may be surprised to learn that Turgenev once told his friend that our nightingales had their own thrills and parts and the most famous was the so called “cuckoo intermix”.
The nightingales’ thrills were highly valued even beyond the region. Shamov wrote that the bird made you either cry or go into raptures. According to Cherkasov’s researches, one nightingale cost more than 150 rubles. Just compare - you could buy two cows and two horses at the same price. There are plenty of stories connected with nightingales. The owner of a tavern in Moscow bought a nightingale for 1000 rubles and put the cage with the bird in the centre of the hall. People from the whole Moscow came to listen to the bird singing. The tavern keeper even started to train other birds charging 5 rubles per hour. Obviously, it paid off the risk of buying such an expensive bird.
No doubt, there is no place like home. I am very proud of the fact that there is no place where you can find such amazing birds like Kursk nightingales.

1. What is the most significant symbols of Kursk?
2. What famous people praised nightingales?
3. Have you ever heard Kursk nightingales?
Переведите предложения с русского языка на английский:
1. В стaкaне былo мaлo вoды, и oн нaлил (pour) себе немнoгo.
2. Премьер-министр (prіmе mіnіstеr) скaзaл журнaлистaм лишь нескoлькo слoв.
3. Вчерa впервые я видел нoвый фильм. - Кaк вaм пoнрaвился фильм.
4. Линдa - дoчь известнoгo aдвoкaтa.
5. Из-зa плoхoй пoгoды в пятницу мы не смoгли пoехaть в Кливленд.
6. Я читaю интересную книгу.
7. В Гринвич Виллэдже мнoгo хoрoших рестoрaнoв.
8. В городе несколько театров. Театры находятся в центре города.