Иностранный язык в профессиональной деятельности.Тест Синергия/МТИ 2023г (100 баллов)  

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Сдано на 100 баллов в 2023г. Верно 30 из 30 вопросов. Скриншот с отметкой прилагается к работе.

После покупки Вы получите файл с ответами на вопросы которые указаны ниже:

1    The more stars, the higher the quality and the wider_________
2      ________ I have your phone number?
3    The selection of a banquet hall is important, but does not play such a big role as at a buffet or banquet … .
4    _______________is a meeting of members of a business or professional group, such as scientists, dentists, booksellers or language teachers.
5    The events may … from weddings to birthday parties.
6    The simplest kind of catering involves preparation of a … food.
7    When the meal is a hot one, it is sometimes delivered to the airline frozen or chilled and may then be heated in ... in the … .
8    The banquet kitchen … must work closely both with the executive chef and with the sales and management personnel.
9    We ___ satisfy your needs at any moment.
10    Banquet waiters’ … are not paid by individual diners but are included as part of the fee.
11    I know the woman ___ is standing there.
12    There is a constant need of items such as cleaning supplies, kitchenware, dishes, glasses, … , napery and uniforms.
13    An assistant waiter who clears away dirty plates and cutlery, offers bread and water to guests
14    Large establishments may employ one or two … agents.
15    Any … must have good knowledge of food, market conditions and the capabilities of the kitchen and the stuff.
16    In large cities, there are … merchants who specialize in supplying restaurants.
17    Many travelers want luxury, they want to feel_____
18    Find the synonyms for the word “courtesy”
19    Canned and frozen foods are … foods because they are ready to serve with a minimum amount of preparation.
20    Large restaurants ordinary have walk-in … .
21    An inventory is also one of the methods for preventing … from the restaurant’s supplies.
22    She will make an order if she ___ given the menu.
23    In many restaurants, the receiving clerk is also … .
24    An issue form is usually signed both by the steward and the individual who … them.
25    A … is a formal dinner for a large group of people.
26     If you ___ the bill now, we'll return 5 percent to your credit card.
27    «They have set tables ______________»
28    The banquet … is in charge of the banquet.
29    Banquets differ according to the … of the event.
30    The … of guests at the table is determined by the protocol.