Иностранный язык в деловом и профессиональном общении.Промежуточные тесты Синергия/МТИ 2024г  

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Сдано в 2024г. Скриншоты с отметками прилагаются к работе.

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Тест 1
1    ‘Safe’ small talk topic is …
2    A question that you repeat back at the person to find out some information about him or her, or to hear their point of view is called a …
3    The phenomenon of changing standard word order used for making questions in English is called an …
4    The transitional phrases that show addition between the ideas are … (укажите 2 варианта ответа)
5    The phrase that is typical for the formal language is ‘…’
6    Suffixes -tion or -ment are usually added, if we want to form a noun from …
7    Common endings for a part of speech such as … made from adjective are -ness, -ence and -ance
8    A polite conversation about things that are not important usually between people who are meeting for the first time is called …
9    A group of people put together to work on the same task is called …
10    Aspects of behaviour, study habits, learning strategies and time management tools learned by students while studying are called … skills
11    In professional and academic situations that involve people we don’t know well is used such type of language as … language
12    A letter which is used by organizations to communicate in a professional way is called … letter
13    A productivity, prioritization, and time-management framework designed to help you prioritize a list of tasks is called Eisenhower …
14    Match the terms and the definitions:
15    Match the conversation stages with the phrases:
16    Match the points of the presentation to the questions they may raise:
17    Match the presentation steps with the phrases:
18    Put the stages of the presentation into the correct order:
19    Put elements of email letter into a logical order:
20    Read an email sent to a university professor.
Professor Hawkins,
Just a quick note to my presentation on ‘The importance of leaning foreign languages’.
First, I would be grateful if you could provide me with the information concerning the length and format of the presentation. Is it possible to use the Internet during the presentation?
Secondly, I am interested to know the date and venue of the presentation.
Looking forward to your reply.
Best wishes,
How many mistakes can you find in this formal letter? Choose correct letter example.

Тест 2
1    Relevant length of the cover letter is …
2    At the top of the cover letter you should give …
3    CV is an abbreviation that stands for …
4    In American English CV is commonly called …
5    A document that explain why you want the job, usually sent with the CV to the employer is called …
6    The process of trying to find a job is called …
7    The degrees, diplomas, certificates, professional titles that an individual has acquired by study are called … qualifications
8    Match the term and the definition:
9    Match the cover letter parts with the phrases:
10    Put the stages of the job interview into the correct order:

Тест 3
1    An overall structure of a research article is called …
2    A person who handle all correspondence about the article and sign the publishing agreement on behalf of all the authors is called …
3    The most popular journal ranking indexes are … (укажите 2 варианта ответа)
4    A person who is in charge of a journal is …
5    A short summary of an academic paper, usually about a paragraph long is called …
6    A word that you type into a computer, for example when you are using the internet, so that the computer will find information that contains that word is called …
7    A systematic investigation of phenomena by gathering quantifiable data and performing statistical, mathematical, or computational techniques is called … research
8    A ratio between citations and citable items published in a journal is called …
9    The institute that an author of the research article belongs to is called …
10    Match a research article section to its aim:

Тест 4
1    An example of teaching technique is …
2    An example of teaching method is …
3    Characteristics of inductive teaching are … (choose 2 answers)
4    Characteristics of Montessori educational program are … (choose 2 answers)
5    A well-defined procedure used to accomplish a specific activity or task is called teaching …
6    Learning method where the teacher is perceived to be the only reliable source of information is called … learning.
7    Learning method where learner is also an important resource because he/she knows something too and is therefore capable of sharing something is called … learning
8    Match the terms to their definitions:
9    Put the words into the correct order from the most general term to the most narrow one:
10    You are a primary school teacher. Students in your classes have learning problems. Students are uninterested and demotivated to all current kinds of activities. They can’t apply the knowledge they already have. They almost never do their homework. You want to change your teaching style and try a new teaching approach. Choose the most suitable approach that can help children from your class to learn better.

Тест 5
1    The main difference between e-learning and distance learning is …
2    The main element of online education is to get learning experience by using the …
3    The highest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy is …
4    The first step in choosing or creating ICT resources is to identify the learning …
5    The form of learning when the students take a course from the teacher without physically visiting an actual classroom with him is called … learning
6    The term used for any kind of learning with the help of computers is called … learning
7    A kind of virtual learning which combines the traditional learning of face-to-face instructions of the teacher with online instructions of a remote teacher through a video conferencing tool is called … learning
8    Match the level of the ICT Competency to its characteristic:
9    Put the words into the correct order from the most general term to the most narrow one:
10    You graduated from university a year ago. Recently you have decided to study abroad and get an international qualification in your field because it can open new opportunities for your career. But you don’t want to move to another country. Also, you do not have a lot of money, so you are going to continue working full time. Study the advantages of each type of learning and choose the most suitable one for this situation.

Тест 6
1    Having a regular daily … help(s) teacher and kids prepare for upcoming tasks
2    Going to new places because you want to post it on social media is an example of … motivation
3    The visual displays in the classroom shouldn’t …
4    The subsequent reporting of a symbol (letter, number, or category) to the evaluation is called …
5    The job or activity of planning the times at which particular tasks will be done or events will happen is called …
6    The process of making judgments about individual students’ level is called …
7    Match the terms to their definitions:
8    Put the steps of giving instructions process into the correct order:
9    Put the elements of Maslow hierarchy of needs from the lowest level to the highest one:
10    MsMurphy is a primary school teacher. She is going to be a new classroom teacher for a group of students aged 10-11. The class is famous for its misbehaviour and poor academic performance. Students can’t work in pairs or groups and always complain about being bored. Choose the most suitable classroom management strategy to create effective educational environment.

Тест 7
1    Characteristics of lifelong learners are … (choose 3 answers)
2    According to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, B2 level can be described as … level
3    Different roles that educator can pay in school are … (choose 3 answers)
4    Cognitive benefits of learning languages are … (choose2 answers)
5    According to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, C2 level can be described as … level
6    The most popular tests of general and academic English are … (choose 3 answers)
7    According to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, A1 level can be described as … level
8    The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) divides learners into … different levels
9    Type of research that examines cause-and-effect relationships is called … research
10    A non-profit organisation offering English language certificates for different language levels (e.g., B2 First, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency) is called …
11    Skills that can be a significant competitive advantage that sets you apart from your monolingual peers are called … skills
12    The process of gaining knowledge and skills throughout your life, often to help you do your job properly is called … learning
13    Training that is given to people working in professions to increase their knowledge and skills is called … development
14    Type of research that seeks to describe and explain past events is called … research
15    Type of research that strives to describe group behavior and social interactions is called … research
16    Match each research type to its definition:
17    Match each type o professional development to the correct description:
18    Put the parts of the scientific method into the correct order:
19    Put the levels of CERF from the lowest level to the highest one:
20    You are a university professor from Russia. Your subject area is Social sciences. Besides teaching, you conduct research, read and write research papers in English and take part in international professional conferences. You successfully network with your foreign colleages. Choose the level that matches the description.