Деловой иностранный язык.Итоговый тест Синергия/МТИ 2024г  

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  • Год: 2024
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Сдано в 2024г. Верно 30 из 30 вопросов. Скриншот с отметкой прилагается к работе.

После покупки Вы получите файл с ответами на вопросы которые указаны ниже:

Итоговый тест

1 Put the correct conjunction of purpose: CRM is a software used … consolidate customer information and document it into a single CRM database.

2 ERP stands for …

3 IT infrastructure includes …

4 Put the words in order to make a sentence:

5 The data exchange is …

6 The main purpose of an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system is …

7 Some examples of corporate information systems are …

8 AI stands for …

9 Autonomous vehicles that are capable of traveling without human input are …

10 Artificial Intelligence and nanotechnology are examples of … computers technologies

11 Put steps of SI (system integration) in the correct order:

12 The technology that allows users to enter a simulated environment and interact with it as if it were real is …

13 The main goal of artificial intelligence is

14 The … generation of computers is the most recent.

15 The role of a system integrator is ...

16 Match the term with its definition:

17 Examples of intellectual property are … (choose 2 correct answers)

18 Put the words in order to make a sentence:

19 The legal protection granted to the creator of a software program that prevents others from copying or using it is a …

20 Linux is distributed under an … license

21 … is when you use a computer to copy or share materials that are protected by copyright without the creator’s permission.

22 The name GOOGLE is a registered …

23 The primary benefits of obtaining a software patent are … (choose 2 correct answers)

24 … is when you copy and paste someone else’s work without giving proper credit.

25 … is a legal agreement that allows users to freely use, modify and distribute software.

26 Link words into sentences:

27 Match each word with its definition:

28 The following could be considered a part of IT infrastructure… (choose 3 or more correct answers)

29 Big data is … scalable than traditional data.

30 Put these computer technologies in order from the first to fifth generation: