Английский язык.Тест Синергия/МТИ 2024г (97 баллов)  

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  • Год: 2024
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Сдано в 2024г. Верно 29 из 30 вопросов. Скриншот с отметкой прилагается к работе.

После покупки Вы получите файл с ответами на вопросы которые указаны ниже:

1    You can work whenever you choose!’ I usually just smile and agree but, actually, for a freelancer, finding the right work–life … is difficult.
2    If I have an important … to meet, I often start work at 8:00 in the morning and finish at 8:00 at night.
3    This usually happens near the end of the tax year. Fortunately, I don’t work twelve hours every day all year long – I’m not a …
4    I have a family and a lot of interests outside of work. Overall, my quality of … is really good.
5    I don’t print most e-mails because my company is trying to … waste in the office.
6    Manufacturing companies now do more to … the environment than they did in the past.
7    For business dinners with only five or six people, I like the … atmosphere of our local Japanese restaurant.
8    Can you recommend a hotel that has meeting rooms for hire at … prices?
9    We don’t want to spend too much time getting to the conference venue so let’s choose somewhere with a … location.
10    Do you mind if I take a brochure?
11    Beatta, this is Layla.
12    What do you mean by a slight pay increase?
13    Welcome, marketing team, and thank you for the hard work you’ve put in recently. …
14    Andres: … Viral videos can be very effective.
15    Anya: Lydia, what do you think?
Lydia: …
16    We don’t know whether or not a viral video will reach our market but we know that print ads do and they give us instant national publicity. …
17    I … a manager for the past ten years.
18    While I … on my degree, I … interested in computer software, specifically in interactive software for teaching.
19    At that time, the company … interactive software for teaching history to primary school students.
20    I … for the same company for my entire career and I couldn’t be happier with my job.
21    Every business needs accountants so there are a lot of career … for Fawaz.
22    ‘The company has its head …. in London,’ he says.
‘I study English every day because I want a job there.’
23    When a company announces good results, often its … price increases.
24    We’re offering interest-free … this month for first-time buyers.
25    Can you give me a 10 per cent … if I buy in bulk?
26    … you like something to eat?
27    Hello, this is Darren speaking. … I help you?
28    We … be late for the meeting with the CEO!
29    My train leaves at 6:00 so I … be at the station before 5:50.
30    This is the emergency exit so we … put a desk in front of it.